Dragon Service Team

Dragon Sales & Services has from the start chosen to follow our Partner Grundfos very closely to ensure a uniform and strong service concept.

We have a service team of dedicated and well-trained engineers whom are always ready to service and assist you around the clock. As a new feature we have established a hotline number – 0909 078 606 – which is open 24/7 and with direct access to one of our service engineers. This number may especially be used outside normal working hours for emergency support. We will be able to support on site (in HCMC) within 2 hours from your call. We are always pleased to serve you.

It is our philosophy to follow our pumps and products during the entire life-cycle. Our sales and service teams will be available when you need us and always with professional services and solutions.

For the Grundfos concept please read more here at the Grundfos website



Installation and Alignment

The correct installation and alignment of your new pumps is crucial for the efficiency and long life of your pump system.We can install your pumps and make sure that all components are properly lined up and in compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.The pump motor shaft is a crucial component, and in order to achieve optimum efficiency from your pump and reduce wear and tear, the shaft must be aligned correctly.

A Laser alignment from Dragon Services gives you a little extra return on your pump investment by considerably extending your pump’s service life, as other components are not damaged because of shaft misalignment. Laser alignment relies on laser optical technology to align the motor shaft perfectly to a fraction of a millimeter, ensuring optimum pump efficiency. Laser Alignment is primarily targeted at long-coupled pumps such as NK, NKG, HS, MAXA and MAXANA. It is also used for fire systems and may be apped to long-coupled pumps from other manufacturers.


  • Reduced energy usage and operating costs due to increased efficiency and reliability
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost (LCC) due to longer service life
  • Reduced pump wear and vibration
  • Lower noise levels

Commissioning Services

During Commissioning by Dragon Services, we thoroughly check all aspects of your pump installation to make sure that it is ready to run. We carefully inspect your system and always check the following:

  • That your system and pumps are fully compatible
  • All pumps are correctly installed and aligned
  • The system has been tested and is ready to go

Following a Commissioning by Dragon Services, your system will be running at absolute peak performance and as energy-efficiently as possible, providing you with several benefits:

  • You get the most out of your pumping system investment in terms of productivity and efficiency
  • The risk of costly and time-consuming downtime is greatly reduced, as parts will not wear out prematurely due to incorrect installation
  • You save electricity as your pumps are running energy-efficiently from day one
  • You get the lowest wear of the pumps in terms of running time
  • Alarms and warnings are set up correctly for your specific needs

Our commissioning services are always tailored to your installation and the benefits are:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your pumps have been installed and commissioned optimally
  • Flexibility in organizing and carrying out commissioning
  • Extended warranty period (starting on the day of commissioning)

Service & Maintenance Contracts

Leave your service, maintenance and system analysis tasks to experienced professionals from Dragon Services, and save time, money and resources. With a Dragon Service contract, your installation will be running in top condition and in an energy-efficient manner for a fixed fee.
Our advanced service contracts provides you with a scheduled preventive maintenance check at the time most convenient for you. Included in our service contract is also a 24/7 hotline that may be used id emergency assistance is needed from our Services Team.


  • Optimized and reliable pump operation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Minimum administration regarding pump installation service and maintenance
  • Breakdown prevention and quick response from Dragon Services if the need arises
  • Predictable service and maintenance costs
  • Increased system lifetime



Potential for Saving Money.

The Pump Audit is performed with a diagnostic tool developed by Grundfos to identify excessive energy consumption in any kind of pumping system. Our experience with Pump Audits in Vietnam shows that 30 % – 60 % of the energy consumed by pumps could be saved. With other words there is a significant potential for saving money if your old pumps are replaced with new efficient Grundfos pumps. With rising energy prices it makes sense to get a professional check-up and to see how fast a new investment may pay back with a new Grundfos pump installed.

A Pump audit is performed by our specialists based on measurements. It focuses on the amount of material the pump is handling and flow variations during a relatively short and well-defined period. Our specialist sets up various measuring equipment to measure and record the following:

Countable values, e.g. flow and energy consumption
Analogue values, e.g. pressure, temperature, water levels
Incident rates, e.g. pump start/stop, valve open/close
The audit assesses the overall efficiency of your pumps and proposes changes to be made to improve efficiency. The proposals are supported by calculations of the savings to be made, the reduction in CO2 emissions, and the payback time on any investment.

The benefits are operational cost savings and not least a significant reductions to installation carbon footprint.

For more information please contact us on phone 8 6281 0678 or e-mail [email protected]